quotes to inspire for young adults or recent graduates!

Here are some of my favorite quotes that I love to look at once and a while– they always bring my mood up and help me think a little deeper about my day and purpose. These are the quotes I found in my bullet journal that pertain more to recent graduates or anyone trying to discern what their “life’s purpose” is. Soon I will do a post on my favorite bible versions / sections to study. Hope you enjoy!

for an endless

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what it felt like to graduate.

Coming at ya with this bonus post in addition to my planned Wednesday content. Right now I am posting Monday, Wednesday, Friday at noon. Hope you enjoy! Thanks to everyone who has followed me so far, it’s been so fun to check out other blogger’s sites as well! And if anyone reading this has a question feel free to send me a message on the contact me tab. OK here we go, if you want to read about what I experienced after my graduation ceremony read on!

for an endless (2)

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