what it felt like to graduate.

Coming at ya with this bonus post in addition to my planned Wednesday content. Right now I am posting Monday, Wednesday, Friday at noon. Hope you enjoy! Thanks to everyone who has followed me so far, it’s been so fun to check out other blogger’s sites as well! And if anyone reading this has a question feel free to send me a message on the contact me tab. OK here we go, if you want to read about what I experienced after my graduation ceremony read on!

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post grad reflections #1: what I will miss most about living in orange county.

When I was in school, I was counting down the days until graduation. It was really no secret to my friends and family that living in Southern California was a place I was never super content in. The town I went to college in could sometimes feel too small to me and I was constantly leaving, whether that was going away for the weekend or doing homework at a coffee shop 10 miles away.

It’s important though to appreciate all of the memories and special advantages that living down south had. Nothing in this post is really going to be school specific, just kind of a love letter to the location that I so frequently criticized… haha.

Most importantly, this is a post to help me remember the happy times and things that I love and plan on returning to do there someday again soon. Here we go!


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