thirty easy, healthy, and affordable date ideas!

mark your calendars (1)

This summer, save some $$$ by using any of these easy and cheap ideas!!! When my boyfriend and I started dating, it was difficult to come up with appropriate and fun things to do together that didn’t necessarily involve eating out or spending money that we didn’t have. These are also all wholesome #CatholicDatingApproved ideas !! If you don’t want to take your SO you can also take yourself out or a friend!

  1. Spend your Saturday or Sunday at your local farmers market, sampling produce and picking up a few essentials for the week!
  2. Take a group of friends to the beach and pack a lunch/picnic for everyone! Or have everyone pitch in and order a pizza together.
  3. Bake a healthy dessert together.
  4. Go berry or apple picking depending on what is in season and the options for wherever you live.
  5. Plan a day trip or be tourists in your town for just one day!
  6. Do a fun at home art project, liking making slime (so trendy) or painting each other’s portraits.
  7. Make the other person do a “spa night” with you. I love making my boyfriend do Biore Pore Strips because it is always so satisfying to watch him take them off… haha.
  8. Volunteer together at a local soup kitchen or charity.
  9. Rent a $2 movie on Google Play and have a relaxing night in.
  10. Or find a budget movie theater and see something new for a fraction of the cost of a regular AMC!
  11. If you go to church together, get coffee or a quick brunch afterwards or make it more special so that it counts as an official date.
  12. Take quizzes online to see each other’s Meyers Briggs personality type, Love Languages, etc to get to know them better.
  13. Go for a hike or nature walk together.
  14. Grab your skateboard or scooter and head to the nearest large and empty parking lot. Even at 21 this is still extremely fun for me.
  15. Head to the museum on a less busy day and use a student discount if possible.
  16. Spend the afternoon making a playlist for the other person and then listening to them together.
  17. Organize a dinner party together and DIY some cool decor. The food may be from Trader Joes frozen aisle but no one will care.
  18. During the summer, check out local fairs or events that may have free live music or entertainment. Bring on the art and wine festivals!!
  19. Find a random class to take together, often Groupon or your local community center will have affordable options. In August my bf and I are taking a 4 week rock climbing class together!
  20. Stargaze. Find the best spot near you. For my friends in OC, it’s honestly anywhere in Riverside County or out in Joshua Tree.
  21. Go thrifting. Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s still interesting to see what the other person is into.
  22. Spend your day wandering around a bookstore. My town has a great used bookstore that has price options as low as 99 cents.
  23. Take a trendy workout class. Again Groupon to the rescue, or you can try out a service called class pass and go to a few different workout studios a month for one reasonable price.
  24. Learn to cook together. Try out a few recipes a week and plan to eat them together.
  25. Make a journal together. Fill it with your goals, where you want to travel someday, and save it as a keepsake for later.
  26. Buy a cheap kite and take it to the park. It’s honestly worth it to Amazon Prime a $5 Hello Kitty kite and then lose it in a tree an hour after owning it.
  27. Play a childhood game like Sorry or Monopoly.
  28. Build a Lego Set.
  29. Look at their old photos. It will tell you a lot about their family and upbringing.
  30. Make homemade acai bowls or a smoothie on a hot day.

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