post grad reflections #1: what I will miss most about living in orange county.

When I was in school, I was counting down the days until graduation. It was really no secret to my friends and family that living in Southern California was a place I was never super content in. The town I went to college in could sometimes feel too small to me and I was constantly leaving, whether that was going away for the weekend or doing homework at a coffee shop 10 miles away.

It’s important though to appreciate all of the memories and special advantages that living down south had. Nothing in this post is really going to be school specific, just kind of a love letter to the location that I so frequently criticized… haha.

Most importantly, this is a post to help me remember the happy times and things that I love and plan on returning to do there someday again soon. Here we go!


  1. Getting ice cream at A La Minute in the circle! Still not sure how the name is exactly pronounced.
  2. Deciding the morning of to go to Joshua Tree for the weekend with Nikolas and staying in the best Air Bnb eva. Listening to records for an hour and not speaking to each other. Amazing time.
  3. Spending all day at Cafe Lucca (before it closed… RIP #Still #Not #Over #It) ordering my whole bank account balance’s worth of soup, salad, and gelato.
  4. Not getting a parking ticket on street sweeping day!! Simple joys, man.
  5. Getting Growl after doing a greek clean up day.
  6. Getting really claustrophobic at the food fair in the circle but still secretly liking it.
  7. When I went to Linx and Niko’s tooth fell out and I could never go back again.
  8. Walking around Huntington Beach with Niko and getting dinner at Rubys on the pier.
  9. Ordering cinnamon roll pancakes at Kimmies. Taking every single friend that ever visited me to Kimmies.
  10. Walking around South Coast Plaza and feeling the poorest I have ever felt in my entire life.
  11. Surviving car camping at Coachella and having the most inspiring weekend ever.
  12. Spending summer 2016 in a tiny 100 year old house with no AC and two dinky lil fans.
  13. Driving to San Clemente and going on a walk at Trestles Beach. We met this guy who has a Barbie instagram account and he was just a little creepy.
  14. Going to the Orange Library and checking out 20 books. Always having max # of holds on file.
  15. Brunching at Haute Cakes in Newport.
  16. Sledding @ Big Bear Mountain! And then sitting in 2 hours of traffic and going to Sonic.
  17. Living. Near. A. Sonic. Guys it was only 15 minutes away!!! Here the nearest is almost 2 hours away.
  18. Going hard at the Nordstrom Rack and then hitting up the AMC theaters at the block.
  19. That one time I went to an Angels game and got chicken tenders in a bucket.
  20. Getting chicken nuggets at the BEST place ever (just mcdonalds…) on Katella. And then also getting gas on that corner after. Wow great times.
  21. Taking naps in my hideous bright orange hammock and reading for hours by myself in Newport by the small white church and playground.
  22. Coming home after cranking out an essay at Tru Bru Coffee and taking an epic nap.
  23. Driving to Whittier spontaneously at 9pm because I needed a hug. Then immediately coming back and going to sleep.
  24. Skipping class to go to Urth Cafe in Laguna. Worth it.
  25. Going to the OC Fair every summer and seeing baby cows and eating corn dogs the size of my torso.
  26. Driving to see my family members in LA and getting the best homemade meals ever.
  27. Going to Thai Lanta on dates with gal pals and getting the $12.99 dinner special.
  28. Trying poke for the first time at Bearflag and actually liking it.

Wow, most of these were food related but hey that’s ok. It is college after all.

Thanks for reading!!



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