why all coconut oils are not created equal.

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Please note that these are recs for coconut oil to REMOVE makeup / cleanse the face / moisturize only. Thx and read on!

This is probably one of the most “extra” posts I will ever make without question. In high school a friend of mine introduced me to coconut oil as a cleanser/makeup remover and from then on I was totally sold. It’s cost effective, more eco-friendly than using makeup wipes, and also hydrates your face more than any other type of remover. To anyone hesitant about putting more oil on your face, I understand and I feel you. It really makes no sense but I promise nothing bad will happen. AND even when my skin was at its complete worst (so SO bad) coconut oil has never made my skin irritated or break out. Coconut oil has also helped me to balance out the natural oils in my skin.

Now, onto the most important task at hand here. Back in the day, I thought that all coconut oils were the same. They’re not. Not even close. How wrong was I!!! I have tried virtually EVERY MAINSTREAM brand so you don’t have to!! Whether you are on a budget or feeling spendy, there is sure to be an option in this post for you. My favorite oils are smooth, smell nice, and feel more refined and lighter than cheaper versions. I have made two different categories– products that are over $10 and products that are under $10. Hope this helps and enjoy!! 🙂

$$$  The Best LUXURY Coconut Oils Ever  $$$

  1. Cocovit Coconut Oil — $25 / 3.3oz. The smoothest, best-smelling (not too coconut-y) coconut oil I have ever used. I asked for the large size for my birthday from my boyfriend (yes he thinks I am a weirdo) and was not disappointed. The large lasted me for 5 months using it every night and sometimes also as a body and hair moisturizer. I would say that the smallest version is the most practical to buy, since it is a jar (and the packaging is SO cute) it can get a little grubby after a while.
  2. RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream — $18 / 2.5 oz. Everything RMS does is perfect and this is no exception. A lot of their other products (lip balms, concealer, cheek tints) have coconut oil as the #1 ingredient.
  3. Conscious Coconut (the instagram famous coconut oil in a tube) — $15 / 3.4oz. Great for traveling, this oil is packaged in a TSA approved size in perhaps the best packaging out of any coconut oil I have tried. Because of the tube packaging, there is less waste and less mess than scooping oil out of a glass jar or bag. I am putting it on my list because of the convenience of having it in this size for traveling, but the oil itself is fairly standard.
  4. Kopari Coconut Melt — $18 / 2.5oz. I caved into the hype created by famous beauty gurus like Nikki Tutorials and was surprised at how much I loved this stuff. I prefer to use this brand in my hair because it is so smooth and lightweight.


The Best BUDGET Coconut Oils Ever

  1. Vitacost Extra Virgin Certified Organic Coconut Oil — $5 / 4oz. Smooth, inexpensive, and all around reliable. If you are OBSESSED with this stuff like me you can order a 54oz size if your heart desires as well. Vitacost often has sales and promotions where they will add a free tub to your order as well!
  2. Garden of Life Organic Coconut Oil — $10.49 / 16oz. Love love love this brand!!! This would technically be in the luxury price but it’s currently on sale on Vitacost hence its presence in this category. Great value too.
  3. Viva Naturals Coconut Oil — $10 / 16oz. It is not everyday you see a 5-star rated coconut oil on Amazon with over 13k reviews. This stuff is awesome, organic, and the packaging is great too.
  4. Nature’s Way Liquid Coconut Oil — $9 / 10z. If you live in a colder area or like the convenience of having coconut oil already melted down and ready to go, this is the perfect option for you. This is what I use when making body scrubs and hair masks (before I discovered Kopari). My favorite way to use it: add it to a travel size spray bottle with aloe vera and you have an after sun moisturizer!


Let me know if there are any brands or products that I should add to my list!!! Hope you all have a great day xo


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